6 ‘Bad girl’ traits men love in women

These traits are the positive ones that add value to your relationship
Bad girls are nothing but trouble, but you don’t have to be a bad girl to have some traits of a bad girl
1. Independence: Men don’t want women who’ll be stuck on them. They love it when women can live life by themselves but choose to stay with them.
2. Passion: Men like women with mutual passion. It’s not just about a kiss but the spark that comes with it.
3. Taking control: Man love women who can take control
and are seductive. They love it when a woman does the some of the work
in initiating intimacy.
4. Adventurous: No man wants to be stuck with a woman
who does same old thing everyday. They appreciate women with a tinge of
adventure, who knows how to keep things fresh and interesting.
5. Naughtiness: Men love partners that can do naughty
things to them in the bedroom. The saying “lady in the streets and a
freak in bed” may apply to this.
6. Bluntness: Men like it when their partners go straight to the point. No mind games, just straight forward no matter how cruel it sounds..

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