6 things that suggests she’s after your Money



6 Things that suggests She’s After Your Money-Every man wants his woman to be happy and satisfied but if you’ve got a girl with high taste then you’re in trouble. She’s the type of girl that will always ask for one thing or the other, complain about not having enough and always wants to go to expensive places, travel and buy expensive things. A girl who’s genuinely in love with you would rather
be considerate about how you spend your money and how best to cut down cost.


Its all about expensive things, designer bags, shoes and gadgets. She tells you about the latest thing in town and how all her friends have got it but she feels left out. Obviously she wants you to buy it for her! Materialistic girls are shallow girls who are only there during the good times. Their basis for a relationship is money and to be with them
you’ve got to have a big pocket. Some men actually go for them just to conquer them and show them off as trophies. If you’re looking for “love” then a materialistic girl is not for you.

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