6 types of Fathers every Child grew up with

Some children grew up to know their fathers while some were not opportune to. One common factor we all share is that we have a man either as biological or as a foster-father. Here are six types of fathers every Nigeria child grew up with;

The loving father

Some fathers show love to their kids so much they can do anything for their kids. This does not mean other types of fathers do not love their kids but this set of fathers can spoil their children in the name of love. Most of them don’t discipline their kids and will not allow anybody to train their children for them. They won’t allow their children to go on holidays to their relations house.

The nonchalant father

They don’t provide for their children or their wife or the family. These often leads to crash and arises in the family due to the inability to cater for their family. One may think they don’t care for the family because they don’t have the money or finance. No! It is because of their non-chalet attitudes as individual that they fail to recognize their duties as a father.

The disciplinarian/authoritarian father

Many Nigerian children have this type of father – they don’t tolerate any act of in discipline from their children. Children are not allowed to question their father. Defying any rule at home or misbehaving leads to terrible consequences like the kid being lectured, insulted or punished – their children will always pray that their daddy should travel.


The religious father

Some fathers are very religious in a way that is annoying to the children. This type of fathers are against anything that contradicts their religion. They expect their children to be perfect and any erring child is dealt with. Early morning and night devotion is compulsory and regular going to church or mosque is also compulsory. Failure to do so attracts punishment.

The traveler

This type of fathers are always on one journey or the other either for meetings or business. Most times, it is for money-making at least mother and child must chop. They don’t have any time for their children or family. They believe that money is everything. Their children grow up not knowing their father very well.

The permissive fathers

They are lenient, avoid confrontation and allow considerable self-regulation from their kids. This father believe that stressing academic success is not good for children and that they should let children feel that learning is fun. They acknowledge and give value to their kid’s individuality. They give them freedom to pursue their own passion and choices in life.

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