7 Most Annoying Things Guys Hate About Girls


Nature has made it possible for guys and girls to coexist legally through dates, marriages etc. Guys love girls a lot, but there are just some things that guys can’t stand about them. Girls often do not even notice these things until they are pointed out to them. Do you know guys hate girls that;
1. Nags
Guys hate it when a girl nags on them too much. He dislikes it when she keeps finding fault in everything he says and does, complaining to him and acting demanding.
2. Wastes time while dressing up
When a guy tells a girl that he will pick her up in 10 minutes, he expects her to be ready by then. However, what usually happens is that she spends a longer time than expected. A girl who takes too long comes across as insecure of herself. She reduces the extent of admiration which the guy should naturally have when he beholds her.
3. Acts too dramatic
Guys hate it when a girl acts like a drama queen. You know the type, the one that makes a big deal out of everything, especially the little things. Guys think that overly dramatic girls are attention-seeking and carry a lot of baggage with them.
4. Hates eating
Society places stigma on girls who have an appetite, because of the view that women should all be skinny and body-conscious. Girls believe in this thinking too, and sometimes do not eat much when they’re on a date because they feel self-conscious. Guys might find this annoying because they’ll think she’s being unhealthy on purpose and can’t take care of herself
5. Spends extravagantly and is too expensive to maintain
Guys don’t like high maintenance girls because they are too hard to please and need constant attention. Most girls spend huge amounts of money on shoes and clothes they don’t need. No matter how rich a guy is, he always wants to see that managerial aspect of his girl. When a girl spends too much, he thinks that she lacks self-control or might be trying to buy things to make herself feel better. He knows that the money can be invested instead, and put to better use. They expect him to be perfect and a doting boyfriend at all times. High maintenance girls drive guys crazy because they can be unreasonable.
6. Gets mad at them for no apparent reason
Guys hate it when girls get mad at them and they don’t even know why. Girls are usually more passive than guys, so they may not tell guys directly why they are upset. Guys hate having to pick up on all her subtle hints.
7. Stalks people
Girls are really good at finding information about other people through Facebook and their other reliable sources. Call it a gift. While guys find this both impressive and creepy, they don’t appreciate their activity secretly being monitored by her.

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