8 Reasons why you are Bored of your Relationship

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Have you imagined why it seems like that love which you thought was true has suddenly started dwindling? You don’t find any thing to make you happy in your relationship again. The reasons for your boredom could be one of these, or all of them. Carefully check these out and locate the ones that affect you. the solutions are not far.

1. Time spent together: Together time is good, but too much together time can be claustrophobic. Spend time with your own friends or by yourselves now and then. When you meet up again at the end of the day, both of you will be excited to talk about your own lives for a change. When two lovers fall in love, we always suggest that you take your time. Falling in love too quickly can build a romance on shaky grounds, especially if the reason both of you are together is because of one or two aspects, like great sex or a rebound relationship. Always take your time while dating someone before you fall in love or move in together.

2. Better opportunities: Everywhere you look around, you see better dating potentials. You like your partner a lot, but somewhere deep inside, you feel like you’ve got the short end of the stick and deserve someone better. This happens all the time, so you don’t need to feel sick to your throat assuming you’re a two timing liar and a cheat. But even when you ignore this new person or avoid any thoughts of cheating on your own partner, the thoughts of this new exciting person who’s full of life and mystery may psychologically arm twist you into believing that you’re in a boring relationship. You may not want an affair, but all of a sudden your relationship could seem lifeless.
If you feel this way, you really have no choice but to let go because you’ll never be happy with this person you’re dating unless you feel like an equal. Break up, go out and have fun. You may meet someone you deserve, someone who’s way better than your current partner. But keep your fingers crossed though.

3. Everyday is programmed: Your relationship is a boring
routine. It’s completely predictable, and you know exactly what you’re
going to do with each other every day of the week. When love starts to
get monotonous, some of us can’t help but feel stifled like we’re stuck
in a locked room.

4. Special memories: Special memories are everything
in a relationship, just like it is in life. When you look back at your
life, you remember it by the happy memories you have. The more the
memories you can think of, the better and more worthwhile your life
would feel. Love works the same way. If you stop creating excitement and fond
memories all the time, you’ll have nothing that’ll make your love feel
special and wonderful. If you have no shared passions or long term goals together, both of you will have nothing to look forward to and will definitely end up getting bored of each other. Build castles in the air together, and learn to dream about a better life together. It’ll make both of you feel more passionate about working towards a common goal, and bring both of you closer too.

5. Communication: Do you ever get tired of trying to
explain something to your partner because it takes too long to go into
all the details? This is exactly how couples lose communication in a
relationship. They’re too bored to talk about the little things because
they feel like it’s unimportant. But in reality, it’s the little things
that actually count.

6. Spontaneity: Planning your whole life together is
the perfect way to prepare yourselves and the relationship for the
future. But every now and then, both of you need a few moments of
reckless madness to keep the relationship exciting. After all, a little
detour from the straight path now and then always makes things a lot
more exciting. Do you remember the last time both of you did something exciting together? When we’re in a relationship for a long time, we start to take surprises and excitement for granted. If you’re getting bored because the relationship doesn’t excite you anymore, do something about it. Plan a vacation, go out for dinner once a week on a random day, just do something!

7. You miss being single: This is a scary place to
be, and you can never get over it unless you learn to deal with it. It
may just be a passing phase, but unless you learn to cope with it, the
thought will pop back into your head time and again.
What would you do when you were single? Do the same things with your
partner, of course, minus the flirting with the opposite sex part. You
can do that when your partner isn’t around if it makes you feel better.

8. Your partner is Annoying: Do you find some details
about your partner’s behavior annoying, be it their clumsiness or their
laziness? Learn to communicate. Even the smallest issues grow out of
proportion with time. It’s like a snowball rolling down a hill. Unless
you confront it, it rolls all the way to the end, getting bigger with
every roll.

What do you do now that you’re bored with your relationship?
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