Akpos Joke: First Class

Akpos bursts into the house, “Daddy! My CGPA is 4.78!”

The father is amazed and says “This calls for a party.”

The father takes Akpos on a ride around town to shopping malls and Eateries.

He spends all he has including his Month end salary.

The father thought to himself, “At least I celebrated my son’s success even if I’m eventually broke.” When they got home, Akpos shows his result to his Father.

His father looking stunned, angrily snares at his son, “WHAT IS THIS? I thought you said you had a First Class? But what I’m seeing on your result is a Third Class!”

Akpos, who is smiling sheepishly, suddenly shouts, “APRIL FOOL DAD!!!”

Akpos is currently on admission at the Emergency Unit of the General Hospital.

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