Amazing Wedding Photos Of Identical Twins

A recent wedding that occurred in India has generated frenzy on the internet.

Not only were the grooms identical, but so were the brides – and the page boys, flowers girls and even the priests.

The wedding, held in Thrissur, Kerala State on India’s west coast,
was everything the brothers had ever dreamed of, the result of a five
year, painstaking search for the most identical sisters they could find.
Dinker and Dilraj first decided they would marry identical twin sisters when they were at high school.

From a young age, they were inseparable, spending every minute they
could together, always wearing similar clothes – just in case people
needed to be reminded they were twins.

‘Even in matriculation exam, we scored similar marks,’ Dinker revealed.

‘After graduating from college, we even landed job in the same company (HCL).’

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