Baby Healed From Congenital Heart Diseases!

It can be very dismal and depressing to watch your new born baby grow up with an ailment that threatens her chances of having a normal life. Such experiences definitely doesn’t herald joy in the hearts of parents. As a result of congenital heart diseases this baby was born with, she suffered a defect in the structure of her heart and vessels. She experienced difficulty breathing, always sweating profusely and would cry all through the night due to the discomfort and pains. In search for a miracle, her mother brought her to the Regional Camp Meeting with Pastor Chris and just as the Bible rightly says, her expectations were not cut short. During the meeting, Pastor Chris gave a word of knowledge about a sick baby who is being healed by the power of God and coming forth to testify, her mother affirms that while she was breast-feeding her, she (the baby) was still breathing heavily and sweating but as the word came she placed her hand on the baby’s head and suddenly her breathing normalized and the sweating stopped. Full of compassion and love in his heart, Pastor Chris ministered specially to the child, proclaiming wholeness on her. Glory to God!
You too can receive your miracle!, Just believe and pray yourself out.

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