Check Out Careless Life Of Peter Okoye’s Children (PHOTOS)

Peter Okoye is one of the twin brothers from a popular
R&B duo, P-Square. Peter is a father of two adorable kids, son
Cameron and daughter Aliona.

Have you ever imagined what’s it like to be a kid of rich and famous
person? Well, can offer you to have a peek at private life of
Peter Okoye’s kids.

1. After Peter launched a TV show “Dance with Peter”, son Cameron is taking part into the show as well. 
peter okoye son 09
The father judges and the son learns and follows his father’s footsteps.

2. Peter Okoye engaged his 7-year-old son into dancing as well.

3. To stay in a good shape, father and son do push-ups and other exercises.

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4. Cameron, keep following your father’s example and you’ll become as handsome as your dad for sure!
peter okoye son 06
5. Peter’s second child, daughter Aliona, is also loved and cherished by her father.

Look how Peter is checking her knowledge of colours! So adorable!!!

6. African princess and prince in all their glory!

7. Peter loves to hang out with his brothers’ children. The gang is finally together!
peter okoye son 03
8. Can you guess who is who under these masks?

“Meet the young OKOYES super heroes.”

9. On September 23, Cameron was celebrating his 7th birthday. Apart from dancing, he also like to play football.
peter okoye son 02
“Just like yesterday my boy is 7yrs old… Happy bday Prince Cameron. Daddy loves you so so much and I’m so proud of you!”

10. Who knows we might look at a future great Nigerian football player. Go, Cameron!

Golden children from a golden father.

peter okoye gif01

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