Dance With Peter Takes A New Turn


Still on with the 10 weeks Show of Dance with Peter Sponsored by Glo, hip-hop took center stage on Saturday night, as five more housemates were sent pack­ing from the show. Their eviction followed a very intense competition among the remaining 26 contestants. More photos after the cut…

MX, Tom Tom, Neon and Prince of Team “Get Squared,” Mannaseh, Smiley,
Paulette and Weezy of Team “Personally,” and Tjark, Yemi, L’Dee, and
G-Xtreme of Team “Roll It” had been put up for eviction last week, but
reprieve came their way as the judges comprising Peter Okoye of PSquare,
Kaffy, Don Flexx, and M.I who made a guest ap­pearance, gave them
another opportunity to prove themselves.

The focus for the edition of the show was the hip-hop genre. Before
the contest began, the judges explained the concept of hip-hop and why
it was the focus for the week. They also advised the contestants on what
is expected of them during their performance.

One after the other, the contestants stepped on stage to show what
they had learnt from the Academy. They all performed a melodramatic
dance style thrilling and stunning the audience. At the end, even the
judges found it difficult to decide who to send packing. Peter Okoye was
so impressed that he undertook to feature the trio of Prince, Julius
Fakta and Tjark in his next music video. He said: “I’m just speechless,
You guys are just fantastic. You know what? You guys will feature in my
next video.”

After a careful and thorough collation of the votes, the judges
re-appeared on stage to give a verdict. One could hear the heartbeats of
the contestants as Ehis, who anchors the show, announced the evictees.
Unfortunately, Ambrose Idemudia (TJack), Prince Ajayi, Love-Divine Ike
(L’Dee), Eromose Ordia (Tom Tom), and Michael Adaikwu (Neon) could not
make it to the next stage, as they were evicted from the Acad­emy. With
this eviction, the Academy is left with 21 contestants. After the
Saturday’s performances, Malachi Alozie (Mali Hot Boi), Ernest Smiley,
Lea Dibebe (Socrazy cool), David Amaechina (Snipes), and Cynthia Njoku
(Nekky) were put up for eviction in this week’s show.

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