Finding Jesus

Jesus loves us and ready to help us at any given time but he look at our heart to know how good we are inward and ready we are to receive him when he comes.
You can find Jesus anywhere by helping the person beside you with what ever he or she desire the most that is within your reach by so doing you have given to Jesus and hoping to receive from him,he will at your own point of need find you to give to you.You can also find Jesus by letting go all hate and revenge you have in mind over what your neighbor or friend has done to you because vengeance is of the lord’s (Romans 12:19),by so doing you have opened you heart for Jesus to find you instead of you looking for him,and when he does you will experience countless joy and happiness.
My brother and sisters you see yourself in Jesus when you help to feed the poor because without them you will not know how rich you are,provide for your poor neighbor a day meal and see how Jesus will provide for you all the days of your life.Remain Blessed by Alphonsus Nelson Ezinwa Admin.Happy Sunday.Post your comments

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