Hillary Clinton Disses Husband Bill On ‘Jimmy Kimmel’: ‘I’d Beat Him’ In An Election

Talk about confidence, Hillary Clinton’s got it in spades! During a visit to ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ on Nov. 5, she claimed that if husband Bill was able to run against her for president, she could beat him!

Hillary Clinton, 68, may be in the middle of a fierce presidential campaign, but that didn’t stop her from dropping by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Nov. 5 for a little fun with the late-night host. When Jimmy asked her about whether or not she could beat her husband, former President Bill Clinton, 69, in an election, she said that while he’s an amazing campaigner, you’ve got to have a lot of confidence to run for president so absolutely she would win!
Hillary praised her husband, saying “he’s a terrific campaigner” and that it “would be fascinating” if they ever had to go head to head in an election. Since presidents are only limited to two terms by the consitution, Bill’s tapped out. Hillary said that Bill would absolutely run again if he was able to and that “he would if he could.” But if it was possible for them to go up against each other, when it comes to running for the Oval Office, “you’ve got to have a lot of confidence, so would I win? Yeah!” she proclaimed as the studio audience went wild.She was also asked if she was planing to watch Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, 69, when he hosts Saturday Night Live on Nov. 7. Hillary said “I might, I might do that. I think he watched me.” Hillary appeared on SNL Oct. 4 in a sketch mocking The Donald, and while he may not have been too thrilled about the impersonation, her fans totally loved it!
This is hardly the only late-night show appearance Hillary has put in since announcing her run for President earlier this year. Prior to sitting down with Jimmy, the Democratic candidate stopped by The Late Show to talk to Stephen Colbert, 51, revealing the TV shows she loves to binge watch with her husband. Spoiler alert: she loves a good political drama! “We finally finished House of Cards,” Hillary told Stephen, adding “It took a while.” Also on her favorite TV shows: Madam Secretary, and The Good Wife. So basically, she’s just like us!.
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