How to make more money in Joyfuldonor and it’s problems/tricks.

JoyfuldonorHow to make more money in Joyfuldonor and it’s problems/tricks.- It is no longer news that a lot of ponzi schemes have flooded the society today. The desire to make more money has driven a lot of Nigerians into taking different risks both beneficial and otherwise.

Joyfuldonor is a new platform that was created in January 16th,2017. Since it was created, it has become a place for instant money making. It has a variety of options ranging from 5,000;10,000;20,000;50,000 and 100,000. This platform promises to pay her participants, 100% of their input/donation within 24hours. A lot of people have testified that this Joyfuldonor is a very active site.

How to join Joyfuldonor

  • Visit
  • Click on join now
  • Fill out the blank spaces with the appropriate information especially account number and phone number.
  • While filling, select the amount you wish to start with Eg,  starter-5k,  standard -10k etc
  • Once you click the register button, you will be merged to pay someone whose name, phone number and account details will be visible to you.
  • Call the person, pay in the money to the account after calling the person to ensure that the information accessed is correct
  • Once the person you pay confirms you,  you will be giving a queue number which counts down fast with time.
  • Once it is your turn, you will be paid.

Joyfuldonor site not available / Joyfuldonor not working. 

Ever since this scheme came up, it has been difficult to control it’s server with the ever rising number of people that join Joyfuldonor per sec. This traffic causes the Joyfuldonor website to become slow and inactive.

The Admin had to change the website from to but with exact function and content.

This page was created to enable us have a place to lay our complains over any challenges we are encountering in the scheme. Just drop your comments below.


  • Is your account not activated?
  • Are you finding it hard to reach the person merged to pay you?
  • How do I contact Joyfuldonor admins?
  • I have not been paid in Joyfuldonor since I paid?
  • ……
  • All these questions should keep coming. We have help links to offer you in this forum.

Feel free to check for answers to your questions early.

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  1. Goodmorning sir,pls i have two accounts and non of them has paid me,the first was 5000,i was merged with two people to pay me,but they lost interest because they couldnt log in,when i was still waiting for the network,i created a new account with my airtel number and was merged to pay one mr Timothy Adejuwon on friday morning which i did in a GtB transfer cs i operate GTB account too,up till now,i was not remerged for my 5000 and was not merged to anyone to pay my 50000…..and presently,the website is no longer opening what do i do pls

  2. I registered two accounts 50,000 and 100,000 both has bin activated but before morning the site started giving problem and ever since then nothing. Please you people should do something rather than keeping people on suspense and do reply too.

    • Joyful donor is taking time to fish out the bad people in the system. They are still paying. so be patient

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