Iggy Azalea hits out as topless shot is photoshopped to make her skinnier

12 Jul 2015, Quebec, Canada --- Iggy Azalea performs at the Festival D'ete De Quebec on July 12, 2015 in Quebec City, Canada.IGGY Azalea has lashed out at a swanky fashion magazine after they photoshopped a sexy image to make her look thinner.The Australian rapper, 25, posed topless in a see-through gown for Schön! magazine as she attempted to relaunch her career following a breakdown.
But the fiesty star was back causing trouble once again as she tweeted what she claimed to be the original picture from the shoot next to the heavily altered image.

Replying to a fan account that called it her “best shoot by far”, Iggy wrote: “Love it, but I much prefer the picture before they photoshopped my thighs and hips to seem skinnier”.

When fans asked why the picture was changed, she replied: “No clue – but im very happy with my body the size it is and prefer it that way.”

Iggy’s face also appears more heavily made up and enhanced, while her belly button appears to have vanished. A
The musician also disputed quotes she gave to the magazine about her struggle to cope with the limelight.
She told the publication: “I felt tired and stressed out. Now I feel like my energy’s been renewed.”instagram

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