I`m tired of being on every movie that does not say anything,says Bimbo Akintola

Popular Nigerian actress by name Bimbo Akintola

veterian nollywood actress in a recent interview with the punch news papper,talks about herself and the reason she has been off the screen here it goes>>

How do you feel being on set of 93 Days?
I feel honoured and great that I am part
of the job. The beautiful aspect of it is that when you are working
with artistes who you have worked with before, you already have a rhythm
with them, so it is like going back to work with family, so it is
pretty good. I have worked with Steve Gukas as well; he was the director
of Keeping Faith. I know for sure that the project will come
out real big at the end because in there, we are talking about our own
story told by a Nigerian.
What came to your mind when you were hinted the role expected of you?
Like I always say, the beauty of our job
is that you just have to prepare for every role because you won’t know
the one that you might be playing soon. When I was contacted and
briefed, it was pretty nice until I got hold of the script. I knew a lot
was expected of me in the character of the late Dr. Stella Adadevoh. I
knew it was indeed a big work for me and I was prepared for every bit of
How challenging was it playing the role of the late doctor?
It was very challenging playing a real
life role lived by somebody else who is already gone. Everyone had one
thing or the other to say about her and that made it a bit more
difficult for me. It is in the course of reading the script that makes
you understand what the person did in real sense and how much effort
they put in achieving their target. For instance, the late Stella never
chose to become a hero but when she realised what was happening, that
Ebola was in her hospital, they didn’t run away, she stood up to the
challenge. She and other victims became true heroes and heroines and we
must understand the fact that we have lost some of them and they died
for us and we must respect that and honour that; it is amazing. Also,
what I am channelling at the end of the day is her courage. She was
extremely courageous, her warmth, the fact that she was the mother to so
many people, the fact that she had principle that she lived by her
stubbornness, because if she hadn’t been a little stubborn, the story
would be totally different .So those are the things I am trying to
channel and just show people who she was by showing her character,
things that she believed in and the idea that she believed in.
Is this one of the most challenging roles?
It is one of the most challenging roles I have taken.
Did you have any fear regarding the fact that you never met with her?
You know at first, I was not really
thinking about it; you are just excited about the fact that you are
doing something that is so important, because I think it is extremely
important that we tell our own stories. I am tired of hearing other
people tell our stories as they don’t tell it as good as we can, so
let’s start doing it. That was my first excitement and then it turned
out she was a strong woman. If you read the script and you realised all
the things that she did, you would start to shake. I think I started
having nightmares. She was such an amazing person I can’t explain how
amazing she was. I keep saying amazing because I don’t have any other
word to use. If you had a conversation with one person that knew her,
you would understand what I am saying.
Talking about you now, you have kind of lost weight, is this a new Bimbo Akintola?
It is not a matter of rebranding! It is a
matter of believing in something. I started talking to myself that I am
tired of being in every movie that doesn’t say anything. I decided I
want to be part of movies that say something and I choose my script now.
We as actors have a duty to Nigeria, because we are known, so people
use that popularity to make a difference. So with me, I am only doing
stories that mean something to me.
We are talking about looks, what have you done to yourself?
I just exercise, I do a lot of exercise.
I am a regular person at the gym and they would tell you that I am
usually there by 5:40am. But since I have started shooting, I have had
to stop.
Since you now choose scripts, what then do you do when you are not acting?
I anchor programmes; I was part of The Amazon. But I am starting my own show sometimes next year, so watch out for that.
When do we get to see Bimbo get married?
No comment.
So tell us then, who is the real Bimbo Akintola?
I am a very simple person. I love my Mum
to bits; she is the most important person in my life. I have friends
who have been my friends for over 20 years. I love cooking, I love
singing. I believe in God Almighty. I like being part of younger
people’s lives; I like to help because I know that I’m not just here for
show, I’m doing something to help somebody else.
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