It was love at first sight – Annie Idibia reveals how it started with 2face

Annie Idibia, wife of Nigerian music Legend, Tuface Idibia, has
revealed how she fell in love with her husband the first day they both
exchanged glances.
The actress, narrating the love at first sight
story in the just-released 2face’s biography titled ‘A Very Good Bad
Guy’ said, “The moment our eyes met at Even Ezra Studios many years ago,
I knew you were the one for me and I for you.
is an extraordinary being. It really seems like yesterday, (can’t
believe he is 40 already) he was 24 and I was 15. And I still see the
same man when I look at him. So full of life. So much energy. He is
always so optimistic about life. He is never afraid of the next day with
the little or nothing he had.”
Annie said that her husband was a very optimistic person who gives hope no matter how hard a situation is.
According to her, “He always says: Baby you worry too much. Just believe, believe.”
remember many evenings he would walk me from 201 in FESTAC to the major
road outside Festac, the road was so wide and scary to cross that he
would have to hold my hands and we would run across the road together!
“Once I got in the bus going to CMS he would wait till it was full and wave at me till the bus was out of his sight.

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