Lol! See How This Dad turns Daughter’s Tantrum Into Adorable ‘Godzilla’ Remake- Also Watch The Video Here

When the kids start growing, the fear of raising tantrums begin to becloud parents. All parents know and fear it: the toddler temper tantrum.

But one father saw his daughter collapse in a fit of ire and decided
to do something about it: Channel her little rage into the roar of
Godzilla, then let her rampage through a (fake) Tokyo!

William Zilliox is a camera operator by trade (he works on TLC’s “Little
Couple”) and has a young daughter with a second baby on the way. He pictured his Daughters action in the living room and turns it into a big video for all to see and also as a way of dealing with hois daughters tantrum stage. Watch video here…

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