R29 Binge Club: Jessica Jones Episodes 1 – 4 Recaps

We love a female superhero, but Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) isn’t
your average do-gooder. She’s renounced the life of a good guy, working
as a PI, and has PTSD along with her superpowers. Shit’s going to get

Pour some whiskey and join us as we binge the first season of Marvel’s badass Jessica Jones.

Episode 1: “AKA Ladies Night”

“People do bad shit.” That’s essentially where we begin Jessica Jones.
It’s the dark worldview of the character and the show. Jessica, with
the hardened voiceover of a 1940s noir character, is snapping photos of a
couple having sex in a darkened alley. When she presents the photos to
her client he just can’t take it, threatens her, and she pushes him
through the glass panel on her door. So long swanky “Alias
Investigations” logo.

Jessica gets work from Hogarth (a steely Carrie Anne Moss). Though it
takes some convincing, Hogarth gives her a job: Hogarth needs a summons
served to an owner of some gentleman’s clubs, Spheeris. Hogarth’s ethics
are murky. She’s not only representing a dancer who was injured when a
pole got loose, but also the people who have interest in buying
Spheeris’ property.

But that’s not the only case Jessica’s
working. At night she fills her thermos with whiskey and heads to a fire
escape — getting up on one is easy when you have superpowers — to snoop
on Luke Cage, a handsome bar owner, and his date. On the fire escape,
however, she has a vision that comes with a flash of purple. “You want
to do it, you know you do,” the man tells her. She starts listing street

When she wakes up in the morning she’s greeted by an
intruder, the building’s junkie Malcolm. There are also some clients,
Barbara and Bob, looking for their missing daughter. Hope was a track
star at NYU, but has been AWOL for a month. Someone at the police
station recommended Barbara and Bob go to Jessica.

Jessica takes the case and goes to visit Hope’s roommate, who is pissed
that Hope up and left because she’s now living with a pretentious
filmmaker. (Seriously, he’s filming every second of his life on a GoPro.
Jessica is not having it.) The roommate tells Jessica that Hope went
off with a guy.

Back to her other case: Jessica easily serves
Spheeris the summons. All she has to do is hold up the back of his car
with her super strength and threaten him with her laser eyes. (She does
actually not have laser eyes.) Hogarth calls her to talk about her
methods. While on the phone with Jessica, Hogarth is approached from
behind by her beautiful assistant who kisses her neck.

later goes out looking for some sort of action herself. She stares in
the window of Luke’s bar drinking whiskey out of a bottle in a bag. He
offers her a nonexistent ladies’ night special. She comes in. They
flirt, despite the fact that she declares she doesn’t flirt. They go up
to his place to have sex. When they are done Jessica goes into his
bathroom, and she snoops in his bathroom, even though you can sort of
tell she regrets doing so. She finds a picture of a woman, freaks, and

She discovers that Hope made some recent charges on her credit card,
buying lingerie and menswear. Jessica follows the clues to a restaurant.
As she approaches, she says, “no, no way.” She asks the maitre d
whether it used to be a different restaurant and shows him a picture of
Hope. He looks uncomfortable. The man with Hope came in, demanded a
table, and for some reason the maitre d kicked others out to obey his
wishes. Everyone was doing his bidding. The sommelier gave hime a free
$500 bottle of wine and the chef him his favorite pasta even though it’s
an Asian fusion restaurant. Jessica has a flashback: she’s sitting in
the back of this restaurant with this mysterious man. She leaves, and
starts running until she gets to Hope’s parents. She finds out it wasn’t
a police officer that gave them her name, just a person with an English
accent. She instructs them to leave, and she tries to flee too. But she
doesn’t have the money to get out. So, she seeks out her old friend
Trish, a radio host. “He’s back,” Jessica tells her. Trish tries to snap
Jessica out of this. “You saw him die,” Trish tells her old friend, but
Jessica convinces her. She tells her how this man is carrying out the
same one month anniversary tradition with Hope as he did with Jessica.
Trish encourages her to help Hope instead of running away, but Jessica
refuses. Trish gives her the money she wants. 

As Jessica’s riding in the backseat of a cab she has a change of heart.
She stops at the hotel, where the doorman seems to know her. She finds
Hope lying on a bed, alive, but refusing to move. The man told her she
couldn’t. Jessica packs her and carries her out as she screams and
claws. Jessica counsels Hope that it’s not her fault, and all seems well
as Hope is reunited with her parents. Hope thanks Jessica. “You saved
my life,” she says. Jessica, following behind the family, watches as the
elevator doors close and something switches in Hope. Suddenly, Hope
pulls out a gun and shots ring out. When Jessica meets them at the
ground floor, Hope is still pulling the trigger, mechanically, as her
parents are bleeding and dead on the ground. Hope comes to and starts
screamer. Jessica at first walks out the door in horror, and then turns
around, deciding to give a damn.

Episode 2: “AKA Crush Syndrome”

Recovered from
the horror of the first episode’s final moments? Okay. We begin episode
two with Jessica being interrogated over Hope’s crimes. The police have
searched her apartment. They think Luke might be involved in some way
because they found her photographs. When Jessica leaves the police
station she goes to Luke’s bar and finds him being questioned. Jessica
tries to apologize, but he’s (obviously) mad she’s been spying on him.
Why has she been? Well, that woman he was hooking up with? Yeah, she has
a husband.

Jessica goes to visit Hope to get info on Kilgrave.
Hope details how he tortured her, making her jump. She blames Jessica
for getting her into this situation. “You should kill yourself,” she
tells her. Except Hope needs Jessica, who knows that she is truly
innocent. Jessica goes to Hogarth to plead with her to take Hope’s case.
Hogarth is reluctant, but agrees that she will if Jessica can prove
there is this scary mind control man out there she will.

meanwhile, is worried about Jessica, and tries to convince her to move
in with her. But Jessica wants to stay away, considering herself a
danger. At night, Jessica pours over clippings about a fatal bus crash,
which killed a woman, Reva Connors. Where do we recognize that woman
from? She was in the photo Luke’s medicine cabinet.

The noisy
neighbors have taken it one step too far, and Jessica goes upstairs to
deal with it. The woman in the apartment is hostile; man is clueless.
But they are silly: the argument is over chicken. Jessica goes back
downstairs to star at the articles again.

So what actually
happened during this bus crash? Jessica flashes back: she’s walking,
zombie-like, with blood on her hands as Kilgrave calls after her. The
bus, swerves, flips over and hits him.

Jessica needs more
information on what has become of Kilgrave, since obviously the blow did
not kill him. She sneaks into the hospital, steals some scrubs (as you
do), and asks a nurse to help her get into the records. Only she finds
nothing there. No trace of a John Doe from that night is in the system.

Jessica comes home her door is open. She finds a man inside and
assaults him, but unfortunately it’s only someone coming to fix her door
on orders from Trish. Jessica watches at the man is taken away on an
ambulance. She’s joined by Ruben, one half of the loud couple. Only they
aren’t a couple; they are twins. Jessica’s paranoia is strong. On the
subway she has another vision of Kilgrave, and punches the glass window.

investigation leads her to the home of Jack Denton, an ambulance driver
that went AWOL. She finds Jack’s super religious mother in the yard,
who brings her inside to see Jack. Jack is hooked up to a dialysis
machine. He donated both of his kidneys and had a stroke. His creepy
mother, however, was happy about this, saying that she prayed that her
son would come home and now he has. When his mother leaves the room,
Jessica takes a picture of the make of the machine. Jack starts writing
out “KIL,” which Jessica assumes is an identification of Kilgrave. It’s
not. Jack wants her to kill him. She doesn’t and leaves.

home, someone knocks on her door. It’s the woman Luke with whom was
having an affair. Despite what Jessica told Luke, the woman’s husband
did not hire Jessica to investigate the tryst. Now, the husband is on
his way to Luke’s bar to beat him up. Jessica rushes over and joins him
in the fight. Both of them are extremely strong, and easily take down
the guys. A broken bottle? Yeah, that can’t cut through Luke’s skin.

the morning Jessica gets a call, identifying the person responsible for
leasing the kidney machine. She hunts down this Dr. Kurata, who is now
teaching college students. He sees her and begins to run. When Jessica
catches up with him he asks, “is he here?” Apparently Kilgrave had
pictures of Jessica. Though only one of Kilgrave’s kidneys was damaged,
he wanted to be fully repaired. So, he took Jack’s kidneys. He did not
receive anesthesia for the operation. Jessica hits upon it: that’s his
weakness. He can’t control people if he’s put under. Jessica makes
Kurata get on the phone with Hogarth to tell his story so Hogarth will
take Hope’s case.

When Jessica returns home she finds a glass
panel for the door. She calls Trish to thank her. Trish is in the middle
of a work out, when she goes back to her trainer we realize she’s not
just doing yoga. The trainer points a gun at her and she takes him down
asking him to do it again and again.

In another part of town, a
man opens the door. He has a confused look on his face, but quickly
changes his tone. Why? The person at the door is Kilgrave. Kilgrave
announces be staying with the family for a while, and they all do
whatever he wishes. He doesn’t care for the children though. He sends
them into the closet, and they go willingly.

Jessica also has a
visitor: Luke. He knows what she is, and he’s that too. He takes out a
saw and places it against his abs. “I’m unbreakable,” he says. 

Episode 3: “AKA It’s Called Whiskey”

superhero sex. Now that they both know about each other’s powers Jessica
and Luke go at it full force. One of the noisy neighbors, Ruben, is
watching the doorway before she shoos him away.

Jessica and Luke
go get a post-coitus snack and talk about having superpowers. Luke asks
Jessica if se can fly. “It’s more like jumping than falling,” she says.
She tells him that she gave the superhero thing a go once. They go have
more sex. But when Jessica goes to the bathroom she stares at the photo
again. Luke tells Jessica, “She died. Bus crash.” Jessica says she’s
sorry, and then bolts.

In a bodega Jessica hears talk radio
hosts go after Hope, doubting her claims. She continues listening at
home where she googles Sufentanil, an anesthetic she’ll need to nab
Kilgrave. But the trash talk about Hope got to her. She goes to Hogarth
and tries to convince her to defend Hope publicly; Hogarth won’t. She
needs more testimony. The next stop is Trish. Jessica wants Trish to use
her place in the media to convince people that Kilgrave really does
exist. Trish is also resistant. Though Trish thinks they are getting
lunch, Jessica is off to get the Sufentanil. Trish convinces her to come
inside. When Trish takes off her sweater, Jessica is horrified to see
all of her bruises. Trish has been protecting herself, equipping her
apartment with top notch security, and turning Jessica’s old room into a
training center.

Jessica first tries to get the drugs from
Hogarth’s wife. She lords the fact that she knows about their marital
troubles over Wendy. That just gets her a prescription for an
antipyschotic. She takes it “just in case.”

She goes to the
hospital and debates how many people it’s worth hurting in order to get
the drug. On the way out she sees Malcolm get hit by a guy on a bike.
She defends Malcolm from the man berating him.

Jessica’s asleep
when two men arrive to fix her door. They are eerie, in a way, and
there’s the foggy image of someone behind them. But there’s good news —
sort of. Trish is going to interview Hope. Jessica’s wary though. She
wanted Trish to support Hope, not hang her out to dry.

next plan for getting the drugs? Try Luke. He knows drug dealers — he
owns a bar in Hell’s Kitchen after all — but can’t help her with what
she needs. So, guess what? They have sex again. As they are lying in
bed, Luke tells Jessica to “just say it.” She plays dumb. He asks, “is
it a racial thing? I’m kidding.” He then pauses, “is it?” But she gets
serious, saying, “what if there was someone else out there, but his
ability was to make people do what they wanted.” Luke knows she’s
talking about Hope’s case, but doesn’t quite believe that mind control
is possible. Speculation turns into flirting and more sex.

next day Trish is doing her interview with Hope, remotely. Hogarth holds
up the phone for Hope. Hope explains how she would get “glimpses of”
herself when she was under Kilgrave’s control, and that when he told her
to kill her parents she fought. Hogarth jumps in and throws Hope under
the bus, saying she has delusions. Trish, however, stands up for Hope,
and starts going on a tirade against Kilgrave. Jessica stops her, saying
that she is going to make him angry. And, sure enough, who should call
into the show, but Kilgrave himself. He warns, “it seems that insulting
him would be wildly dangerous.” As Jessica and Trish are walking out of
the station, Trish is on edge. Someone comes up behind her and she
punches. It’s just a fan of Patsy Walker, Trish’s old TV personality,
from when she was a child star. (A nod to the days when the character was more of the Archie comic variety.)

repair men have locked Jessica’s door unless she pays them. She breaks
it down easily, while on the phone looking for Dr. Kurata. He, however,
has decamped to India. Ruben, still as unnerving as ever, is carrying
Malcolm down the hallway. Malcolm wandered into the twins’ apartment and
Robyn, Ruben’s sister, freaked out. Ruben makes creepy small talk
explaining that everyone is a little racist. (No, there’s no Avenue Q song
break.) That’s when Jessica gets a truly despicable idea. She brings
the nearly incapacitated Malcolm to the hospital and throws him at a
nurse, claiming that he lunged for her. In the commotion she goes steals
what she needs, and finds Malcolm’s sad face looking out at her as she

A police officer comes to Trish’s door asking about the
person she attacked. Trish is wary of letting the man in, but he
insists. She opens the door armed. Smart move. He points a gun at her
immediately. He has been sent by Kilgrave to kill her. He’s about to
strangle her when Jessica arrives. Jessica gives Trish a dose of the
drugs and claims she’s dead so the man assumes he has done Kilgrave’s
bidding and leaves. Before he’s out of the building Jessica runs after
him and drops Trish’s phone in his pocket, calling her own number, so
she can follow him. She finds him in a luxury apartment watching soccer.
She’s about to go after Kilgrave when he instructs the police officer
to commit suicide. As she saves the officer, she and Kilgrave come face
to face and a flashback hits. Kilgrave instructed Jessica to kill Luke’s

Kilgrave is gone by the time that Jessica subdues the
officer. She starts to go through the house to try to find him, and each
resident pops out, instructed to kill her. After defeating each of
them, she hears the noise of a printer. She follows the sound and finds
an entire room of the house plastered with photos of her.

catches the police officer who jumped off the building. He wasn’t
Kilgrave’s lackey taking the photos. So, who has been following her?

she goes to Luke’s apartment, and tells him she can’t see him anymore.
“Can’t handle the dead wife, huh?” he says. More than he knows.

After she leaves she looks at the photo in her hands. It’s her, sitting on the fire escape where she watched Luke. 

Episode 4: “AKA 99 Friends”

Jessica’s main goal
now: find out who has been spying on her for Kilgrave. There’s
something else on her plate, though. A client, seemingly not related to
Kilgrave, shows up at her door. Her name is Audrey Eastman, and she was
sent to Jessica by a divorce lawyer in Hogarth’s firm. Audrey thinks her
husband is having an affair, and wants pictures of him in the act.
Jessica doesn’t trust that she wasn’t in someway sent by Kilgrave, but
when she asks Audrey if she had any conversations with a dark haired,
well dressed British man, she seems confused.

Their chat is
interrupted because Jessica gets a call from Trish. The cop, Will
Simpson, is back at her home. Trish goes to her safe room while she
waits for Jessica to arrive. But Will isn’t trying to break down Trish’s
door because he’s doing Kilgrave’s bidding anymore. He’s thinks there’s
a body inside the apartment. When Jessica answers the door he’s
confused. He asks how Trish is alright. She shows him her bruised neck
and says she’s not. Jessica takes him for a walk. He wants to help.

protect Trish from being a Kilgrave target anymore, Jessica has her
friend give a broadcast where she defers to the villain. “During my last
broadcast I made some flippant and disrespectful comments about a
certain individual,” Trish announces. “I was out of line by belittling
this man.” Trish, rightfully, feels dirty about doing this. “Men and
power it’s seriously a disease,” she says. Amen, Trish. Amen. As they
are walking Jessica sees someone taking a photo and freaks. She tries to
shake it off when Trish inquires, but Trish knows better. Jessica
reveals that Kilgrave has been tracking her.

Back at home she
goes through photos that she had taken of Luke. She had been trailing
him for a while, watching him like Kilgrave has been watching her.

still worried about Audrey Eastman too, and goes to Hogarth to confirm
that the lawyer that referred her is indeed reputable. Jessica still
doesn’t totally trust her. She’s been following the client, not the
client’s husband. That’s where she gets an idea. She knows how Will can
help: get her NYPD security footage so she can figure out who has been
following her. She eventually tracks Audrey to an abandoned bar. Audrey
turns up the music and starts shooting at targets.

It’s a two
way street with Hogarth and Jessica. Jessica’s now in Hogarth’s office
to do the lawyer’s bidding. Hogarth wants dirt on the wife she’s
divorcing, and Jessica’s help with the influx of guests in her office
claiming that they have been mind controlled.

Jessica starts
interviewing these people. Some of them are real nut jobs, using
Kilgrave as an excuse. Others have had legitimate experiences, which
range from being forced to smile for him to giving him a jacket.

thinks these are low level deeds. “What a waste,” she says, wondering
how Kilgrave could be put to use if he were “on [their] side.” This
enrages Jessica.

Will shows up outside Jessica’s apartment to
give her the surveillance tape. Malcolm is hanging out in his usual
drugged out state, and Will is suspect, asking him what he’s “looking
at.” Jessica writes Malcolm off: he’s high.

Jessica watches the
tape all night. She only leaves to get a new bottle of whiskey. When
she’s on the street a girl calls out her name. The girl tells her “Patsy
Walker is safe.” The girl says “the man” told her to say that. The girl
then gets caustic, calling Jessica a “bitch,” telling her that she left
him to die after the bus crash. More ominously she says, “it’s Friday,
don’t you have a job to do?” Jessica doesn’t know what she means and
asks if it has something to do with Audrey. She grabs the little girl’s
arm, who starts to scream, back to being a scared little girl.

shows up at Trish’s again, wanting to clear the air as much as he can.
Trish, still unnerved, won’t let him in, but allows him to leave his
gift at the door. It’s a pistol.

Meanwhile, Jessica is tracking
Audrey’s husband, who looks like he is definitely on his way to an
affair. But when she follows him, she finds that there’s a familiar
person in bed with him: It’s Audrey. And even stranger? Audrey calls
Jessica, asking where she is. When Jessica reveals herself, Audrey takes
out a gun. Audrey shoots at her and grazes her arm. This has nothing to
do with Kilgrave. Audrey has targeted Jessica because of her
superpowers, which she heard about from Spheeris. Audrey lost her mother
in the Avengers’ Battle of New York. Jessica’s pissed, and she starts
destroying the room. Yes, Audrey has pain. So does Jessica. So does
everyone. “You take your goddamn pain, and you live with it.” Jessica
lost her parents too, but she doesn’t try to “kill every shitty driver.”
She tells Audrey and her husband she has “99 gifted friends,” who are
going to come after them. She tells Audrey and her husband to disappear.

Trish continues having a heart to heart with Will, on opposite
sides of the door. She eventually lets him in, but she keeps her hand on
the pistol.

Jessica goes to the survivors’ group. One man tells
the story about how Kilgrave got in his car and made him be his
chauffeur, forcing him to abandon his son. But Jessica doesn’t really
care about that. She wants to know where Kilgrave went and whether there
was someone who gave him photos. It was a man with a blue and white
striped scarf.

Jessica rushes back to go through the footage. She
finally locates someone: It’s Malcolm. She breaks into his apartment
and finds a photo of herself in the printer, and an image of Malcolm in
happier days.

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