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Nigerians have been grappling with fuel scarcity for some time now and are unsure when it will come to an end.

Scarcity of petrol has continued to bite harder despite
assurances by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) that
all will be well soon.

A number of petrol stations are shut and some are said to have petroleum product but are hoarding it.

Ibe Kachikwu, the minister of state for petroleum resources, has
ordered the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) to seal off fuel
stations found to be hoarding petroleum products and give out the petroleum free to the public.

As the fuel scarcity persists, black marketers have taken opportunity
of the situation to siphon money from eager Nigerians, selling at
exorbitant prices.

Very long and frightening queues have taken over the few filling
stations that are selling. The worse part is that some of them are
selling at exorbitant prices, way higher than the fuel pump price.

N87 per litre is the official pump price approved by the Nigerian
government, but with the current fuel crisis, the price is way above

Some  automobile users have informed us of how much petrol is being sold in their area.


According to Ndulue Seny from Gwagwalada, MRS filling station sells
N97/litre while all others sell N130, 140/litre as the case may be.


Alawode Kayode from Umuahia said fuel is sold for N110 in his area.

Akwa Ibom:

Peterson Nzube Peterson from Uyo said it was N150 in his area.


Stanley Ezeani said he bought for N190 today, November 18.


Rita Edo Oboh, a reader from Warri, wrote: “My area for
Warri na N120 per liter and they adjust the pump a liter no be a litre
again while black market na 140, na d change dey tak place so, na only
God go fit help us

Another reader, Joshua O Obighwre, wrote: I bought fuel today in Warri N200 per litre in a fuel station. I wonder if PMB is alive.”

Charles Ijeh wrote: Reporting
from Ubulu uku and Ogwashi in Aniocha South local government area,
Delta state. Fuel in NNPC is #87, but other stations are selling at #150
per litre


Nelly Alohan says it was N150 per litre in Benin.

Meanwhile, in Auchi area of the state, the price is between N150 and
N180 per litre at petrol stations, while it is being sold at N300 per
litre in the black market.


It’s between N120 and N140 in Enugu, says Kami Eazychi.

Kano and Kaduna:

According to Vaayough Victor, it is N140/litre in Kano and N130/litre in Kaduna.


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 A woman looking downcast and confused wait to buy fuel at Conoil petrol station, Lagos.

The price still N87 in some filling stations while some have hiked their price.

According to Salimon Alade, it is N100 per litre in Ojo local govt area of Lagos while Rita Ega Etta said it’s N97 in Ketu.

Ester Okpara wrote: “Yes
oh in fact the situation of fuel increment is going worse every day at
Nasarawa state. Per litre is one hundred and sixty naira (N160) and the
govt are not helping matter at all

Ogun state:

An area in Abeokuta former president area it is sold for N100 per litre,” Onafeko Tolulope, a reader wrote.

Mike Agbolade said Jolaco filling station at Ola bus stop Iju Otta in Ogun state is N110 per litre.

Rivers state:

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