How to avoid waking up abruptly at night; Sleep tips

In every insomnia discussion, the most recurrent question people ask is what they must do to avoid waking up abruptly in the middle of the night. There is no perfect solution, mainly because it depends on what has woken the sleeper in the first instance.

Now, I wish to address the most occurring scenarios that affects all groups: “What about those nights when I have no idea why I am awake? Those nights when I’m not pressured, upset, or concerned about anything, but yet I am awoken for no purpose.”

I truly understand those nights because it used to happen to me. Here are some recommendations on how to  deal with it:

1) Before sleeping for the first time, don’t engage in activities that will awaken your consciousness later. That is, don’t open your eyes, don’t study the clock or imaging odd scenes; just attempt to soothe your self to sleep. This technique works once in a while.
2) If you mistakenly wake, observe the clock, go to the bathroom if need be, after which give yourself a little time, approximately 15-20 minutes to return to sleep. Sometimes, I adopt the breathing exercise to regain calmness. Some try imagining white mildness surrounding them and see themselves shifting through their present state.
Some others pay attention to some thing soothing.

Something really works!

If you have not fallen asleep after approximately 15-20 minutes, ask yourself this vital question: am I  feeling calm and non violent, or am I feeling frustrated and tensed that I’m not asleep yet? This may sound silly, however,  it’s makes a very clear difference. Generally,people with sensitive sleep structures, emotions alongside worry, anxiety, anger, frustration, and sadness find it difficult to sleep again. Just as emotions of love, safety, and joy invite sleep.

If you are truly feeling comfortable, peaceful, and calm you may either go to sleep finally or as a minimum be capable of resting your thoughts.I’m able to use cool music, deep breathing, comforting thoughts and soothing emotions to pass back to sleep pretty quick. But this technique doesn’t work sometimes. I feel  so disturbed, dissatisfied, and pissed off that my sleep was disrupted once more. For such nights, I adopt a new technique known as the “release and replace technique”.

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Can't sleep again3) For the release part of the technique, I tune into the negative emotion, making it as strong as possible on the points. For example, at the same time as tapping at the facet of the hand I would say some thing like,
“even though I’m sad that I am awake at this hour when I was so desperately wishing to sleep throughout the night, I have decided to experience these emotions fully and launch them”

After this, I begin to go through all factors and imagine that all of them are liberating as black smoke.

For instance, I take my body parts:

Head: all this frustration.
Eyes: all this anger.
Beneath the eyes: I desired to be asleep but I am awake.
Clavicle: so nerve-racking!
Armpit: all this disappointments.
Then I relax for a moment and believe that all these bad emotions have disappeared.

4) When I feel more uncertain, I start the replacing part of the technique. The idea is to replace the feelings that keep sleep away which includes frustration, anger, and anxiety, with those that invite sleep in, like love, joy and gratitude. These happy feelings might be tougher to get in contact with than the frustration and anger that is easily felt. Here are some recommendations to help you launch the positive feelings:

  • Focus on a person or something you love deeply.
  • Recognize someone or something you’re grateful for.
  • Imagine an area of deep peace and protection.
  • Imagine connecting with a higher power and being comforted to return to sleep.
  • Think of something in any respect that brings a smile or joy to your heart.

Finally, I allow my heart to be filled happiness and unconditional love. within few minutes, I pass from the irate and annoying state to a peaceful and comfortable sleep. The last time I tried this, I went back to bed and slept for nearly seven more hours!

In conclusion, whenever you wake up for no apparent reason, and you are not able to soothe yourself again to sleep within 15-20 minutes, ask yourself how you’re feeling about being awake. If you are experiencing feelings which are chasing sleep away, attempt freeing them and replacing them with emotions that invite sleep in. You will be surprised to have a decent night rest in spite of everything.Also read How to increase the life span of the delicate part; EYES

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