Top Six Tips For Planing a Perfect Party

Dia are lots of ways that goes into organising the most ideal
get-together and you do not have to be a professional party planner to
pull this off. All you need is some basic tricks to plan that
perfect party

1. Pick a Date: Whatever your plans are, they are not concrete if a
date has not been picked. When a date is chosen, all subsequent
organising will surround that date. Find a date that works for not just
you, but also your guests.
2. Make a list: There are always a lot to do when planning a party.
Taking time out to make a comprehensive to-do list makes it less likely
that some integral aspect of your party will be missed. After making
your list, double-check it, and have a couple of other people do the
same in case they find something you miss.
3. Find your helpers: Everyone will always feel like they have an
idea to contribute to your party, but seeking to please everyone is the
wrong way to go. Pick and choose those whose ideas and advice you will
consider. Also choose the people who will be assisting you and make sure
you make it clear what each person will be in charge of. This will go a
long way to prevent any clashes.
4. Make a guest list: A good party is impossible without the right
guests. Take time out to make a list of those you will be inviting to
your get-together. Consider those who will be willing and able to
attend. Also, have the number of guests you will be inviting in mind as
you make your list.
5. Invitation: Make sure you give your guests ample time to plan to
attend your party. Send out your invitations with as much notice as you
can. Giving a prospective guests only a couple of weeks to prepare is
impractical and the guest could even find it insulting. Sending the
invitations on time also means there is enough opportunity to RSVP and
you have a clearer idea on the number of people that will be at your
6. Don’t stress; A lot of hosts make the mistake of thinking they can
do it all. It is not just during the planning process that you need to
let people help. It is important, that as host, you relax and entertain
your guests as opposed to running yourself ragged trying to do it all.
The point of a party is for people to have fun, including you, the host.
So it is important that you have a good time too.

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