Where lies our potentials?

Where actually lies our potentials? This question is multifaceted and poses a lot of uncertain answers. Our contemporary age seem to have lost sight of the true meaning of our existence on earth. Have you been able to locate and unleash the potentials in you? Do you find it difficult to access your abilities? Or do you need help in defining your ambitions? If your answer to any of these question is affirmative, then it is recommended that you read on and watch the change you have been seeking for actualize. Abraham Lencholn once said, “And in the end, its not the years in your life that count, it is the life in your years”.

You cannot decide to make a change if you don’t believe in change.

What must we do to unleash our potentials?

Avoid comparism:

We are often moved to compare ourselves to others without reminding ourselves of how unique we are. Always remember that there is only one ‘you’ in this whole world and there can never be a duplicate of you. You are unique and special and your path to success can never be compared to those of others. Never compare yourself to others because it does more harm than good.

Eliminate fear:

Fear of the unknown! Fear of failure! It is high time you dropped that part of you that reminds you how incapable you are. Fear can lock up the chances of unleashing your potentials. Believe that you can do it. Redefine failure s the inability to complete a new task at some point in time but a chance of learning better ways of carrying out that task. Thomas Edwin failed 4,999 times before finally developing the light bulb. For him, he never saw failure as an end instead he saw it as 4999 ways of not developing a light bulb and steps closer to making a light bulb. Dr. Ben Carson never gave up on himself because he knew he could redefine that fear of failure. We hat about you? Yes you the reader. Do you believe that you could be a step closer to your long awaited success? Can you give it a try again now? Eliminate fear and watch your potentials rise.

Detach dram-killers :

Yes dream-killers show me your friend and I will tell you who you are. Those assumed friends of yours who can never see positivity in you. You need to select like minds to work with you if you must go far in discovering your potentials. Surround yourself with positively minded people who see in you more than what you see in yourself. Remember, bad company corrupts good manners.

Subtract pride:

Pride they say go before downfall. If you must fully discover your potentials in life, you must coat yourself with humility. Pride simply places you where your potentials cannot function.


When all the above mentioned factors have been put to hold, these steps can be taken in order to unleash our full potentials.


Know yourself:


Do you believe that you are the only person in this whole universe who can truly define who you really are? People may study you and afterwards make predictions but you are only one who can define your abilities. Avoid saying; I am not even sure of who I am or what I can do. Learn to always take responsibility of your feelings and actions while keeping them positive manage.

Set achievable and challenging goals:

It takes great courage to unleash your potentials. You cannot make break through if you do not challenge your abilities had out what your talents are, work towards harnessing it and make useful exploits on it.

Always make a step:

According to Lao-Tzu, a journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step. Setting goals without working towards them cannot change who you are. Discover your potentials, set goals and work towards them. One step at a time.

Commend yourself:

Must you always paint yourself bad? We are often fond of making ourselves feel like we have not done enough. This is not entirely bad since it drives us to do more but you must learn to commend yourself in any good work executed. This helps to keep your unleashed potentials awake.

Let go of resentment:

Anger, hatred, greed, envy and jealously has never given any good name to someone. Malachy McCourt said “Resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die”. Why must you give people precious key to the door of your happiness? Why allow people swing your mood when they wish? Learn to manage your temperament, forgive easily and pay less attention to unhappy events of the past so as to give way to positive thinking of a happier future with brighter potentials.

Learn to pray:

“One with God is majority” always put God first in everything you do. Prayers can help you discover your real potentials so as to avoid fruitless struggles in life. Learn to always be thankful for all favours received.


Can you discover your potentials? Do you still lie in wait and search of what you can do? Your potentials lie within you. It has been embedded inside you. Discover what you can do today to put smiles on your face and those of others around you. Never limit yourself by the things you fail to try. Encourage someone today to give another try on success.

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