Which ‘Harry Potter’ Characters Would You Want To See All Grown Up In ‘Cursed Child?’

All of them, right? Totally all of them.

Harry Potter is coming back into our lives, but he won’t be bringing all his friends this time around (and not just because some of them are dead, sob). The Internet has been losing its collective mind over the news that “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child,” J.K. Rowling’s two-part play coming to London next year, will be a continuation of the books set nineteen years after Harry defeated the Dark Lord, focusing on his relationship with his kids. According to the Pottermore announcement, there are parts for 30 different actors, and while we’re not sure that any of the original franchise stars will return, it does mean that there are plenty of opportunities to see the characters we know and love recast and brought back to life.

So which characters are you most anxious to see once again? Now that it’s 2015 and wizards are probably using some form of Tinder just like the rest of us (Wizarder? Spellder?), it seems like the best way to decide is by swiping left or right for your favorites. Starting with…

Harry’s Family

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