‘You Know I’m Just Joking’ by Ayomide Tayo Thoughts on Julius Agwu, AKA, Toke Makinwa

Toke Makinwa, Julius Agwu
These are sad times. Why are Nigerian celebrities all
over a sudden behaving themselves? They should start creating scandals
and doing publicity stunts.
Well I wait for them to misbehave, here are three celebrities who caught my attention recently.

It’s good to see the freshly minted born again Christian Julius Agwu is using his second lease on life on doing good. The stand up comedian donated $35,000 to singer Alariwo. The ‘Yawa Go Gas‘ singer needs a sum of $130,000 to undergo surgery for Varicocele,
an enlargement of veins inside the
Julius Agwu
 scrotum. Julius Agwu has been in the
headlines a lot since his miracle recovery, and he has every right to
be. Although in one interview
Julius Agwu easily reeled out names of people he believes did not help
him when his career wasn’t exactly hot. As a man who was this close to
death, Julius Agwu should let all grudges go and do the Lord’s work.
Holding on to past issues won’t do him any good, spiritually or
physically. I don’t think he should have mentioned the names he did. It
was slightly distasteful. Anyway, Julius Agwu should do more and speak
less. Let his actions preach his new lifestyle.
Toke Makinwa

Toke Makinwa
(Linda Ikeji) Oh Toke Makinwa! Did you see pictures of Toke Makinwa at AFRIFF 2015? If you haven’t please check it out here.
Sister Toke Makinwa isn’t joking with this ‘slay’ lifestyle. The
celebrity OAPs frontal endowments were practically spilling. If it falls
down, nobody will pick them. Toke, harmattan is on the way. You don’t
want to catch cold because you want to be Naija’s Rihanna. Please be easy. Endorsements will come, please just take it easy, even bros Maje
will come back begging. Speaking of which, I don’t know if it’s true
because I did not listen to the show but someone told me that Toke
called Nanya Diali her radio co-host ‘Maje’ twice on air. Lol! If that’s true well…let’s just say love heals and forgives. You go girl!

AKA in Nigeria again? E no dey tire this guy? AKA will be in Nigeria this week for the launch of
his pal’s album release Burna Boy. If I am correct this will be his
fourth time in the country this year alone. Dear AKA in case no one has
told you, Nigerians like foreign acts, but they don’t appreciate foreign
acts they see all the time. No one goes crazy for Akon in Nigeria because he is common, and as for as Joe goes,
the R&B singer performs at wedding almost every month in Nigeria. I
therefore advise AKA to stay way from Nigeria for at least 2 years.
Nigerians won’t care about you if they see you everyday. But I kinda
understand AKA’s plight. His arch rival Cassper Nyovest
has taken over South Africa so AKA needs an adopted nation for now. He
is better of picking Ghana cos Naija no really send anybody like that.
If we could boo Usher, there is no one we can’t shun.

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