Youths And Hip-Hop Culture- How Crazy Can You Be?

The influence of hip-hop music and video on the Nigerian youths cannot be over emphasized. It has done more harm than good in the sense that most of what is portrayed in a typical hip-hop music-video are things that affect the minds of Nigerian youth negatively. Contemporary hip-hop music also on regular basis if not in all, centers mainly on sexually-related issues which can easily influence the mind of the Nigerian youths negatively.


Hip-hop has become a religion to many Nigerian youths, this assertion can further be verified in the mode of dressing amongst them. The mode of dressing among Nigerian youths is now undergoing some form of radical transformation especially among our high school and college boys and girls. Nowadays girls now prefer wearing skimpy dresses which will easily arouse the opposite sex and this can further lead to drastic measure such as rape.
Hip-hop music video has a huge influence on promoting premarital sex amongst Nigerian youths. Although hip-hop music have had negative effects before, there can still be a positive impact some rare hip-hop music video preaches good conduct for example “Jesus walks” by Kanye west. It tells more about the importance of doing what is right.

Undeniably, am a good listener of good hip-hop music, but what am saying is that we should try to receive a genuine and meaningful message from hip-hop music.

I know it is not possible to totally do away with them among us youths but what matters is the message it passes across to listeners. My major point on this write up is that hip-hop music/video should be meaningful and entertaining not in way of showing nudity and using words that are rarely or totally not acceptable in the society.

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